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    Remember this being discussed at the other place.

    Its due to be available in the US some time this year.

    FDA Approves New Device for Insomnia
    The Cerêve Sleep System, a prescription device that helps reduce latency to stage 1 and stage 2 sleep by keeping the forehead cool has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commercial clearance for use in patients with insomnia, the company has announced."


    "Cerêve, Pennsylvania-based company, has developed a FDA-cleared insomnia-treating device. It has also bagged a $38 Million Series B that will help in the launch of the device during the next half of this year."

    eta: more up to date is now called Ebb Therapeutics

    "Later this year, Ebb Therapeutics (formerly Cerêve) will begin off ering Ebb Insomnia Therapy to select sleep centers as manufacturing is scaled, with national availability planned for 2018. Protected by nine issued and 23 pending patents, Ebb Insomnia Therapy is a so ware-controlled bedside device that cools and pumps fl uid to a forehead pad that is worn through the night."

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    The couch
    Very interesting @Sly Saint :thumbup: It's like what we do for migraines - ice packs on the forehead to numb out the pain and reduce swelling of blood vessels/tissues.

    On lieu of this super duper machine, I'm going to go to bed with an ice pack on my ridiculously insomniac brain tonight. Worth a try. :ill:
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