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Discussion in 'UK clinics and doctors' started by Peter Trewhitt, Aug 9, 2020.

  1. Peter Trewhitt

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    A friend alerted me to the following that has been posted on Dr Sarah Myhill’s facebook page

    see https://www.facebook.com/groups/108048875899603/
  2. Peter Trewhitt

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    I have not been able to spot any more information on her website (see https://drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/Main_Page ).

    Though Dr Myhill is not without controversy, she is a passionate advocate for people with

    It would appear that the BPS lobby are winning in their conflict with her. I don’t think they are currently lobbying against her directly with the Medical indemnity insurers, but their previous ‘vexatious‘ complaints against her to the GMC seem to have had the desired result of blocking her practice.

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  3. Amw66

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    This is sad.
    My aunt is under Myhill who prescribed sleep meds which her GP would not to provide some stability.
    Adrenal / thyroid meds and magnesium injections fir a while have also helped. ( they helped enormously with night time heart palpitations)
    She is still severely affected, but not declining and a bit more stable.

    My aunts GP has basically said that she can do nothing for her. We had to push to get annual bloods ( she also has osteoporosis and had a partial thyroidectomy years ago , so there is a bit to keep an eye on other than ME), which this year have signalled a change on one of the ranges. ( I have not been taken into her confidence yet as to what ) .
  4. Esther12

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    She's not without quackery so I feel like this is the sort of passionate advocate we could do without - I think that if anything she serves to discredit our concerns. At the same time, given appalling standards in the UK, she may still be better than most GPs for ME/CFS patients and I hope anyone affected by this is able to find another way to get any prescriptions they find useful.

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