David Tuller: Trial by Error: Sir Simon Scores an Own Goal

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS news' started by Andy, Jun 18, 2018.

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    Hampshire, UK
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    I'm fairly sure there are words to describe someone who refuses to accept an evident reality, in the face of virtually unanimous agreement that they aren't just wrong, they are suspension bridge wrong.

    One of the kinder words is "delusional"

    Given that the consequences of their refusal to accept reality have been impoverishment, death and other associated harms to M.E. sufferers it occurs to me that more appropriate words could be used.

    "Criminally Insane" are just two that come to mind.
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  3. Trish

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    Excellent, thank you @dave30th . That twitter thread is so entertaining.

    Another own goal today - the denial of involvement in PACE when his role is documented.

    Lots of own goals from Sharpe too...
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  4. Barry

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    That's why I think these twitter exchanges are beneficial. They don't seem to realise how much evidence they are providing (even if much is circumstantial, there is lots of it accumulating now), as they make slip up after slip up. And it is their choice.
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  5. Robert 1973

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    Yes, that I have been laughing so much (despite feeling like sh*t) is another sure sign that we are winning.

    Here’s where the Godwin/Sharpe/Weesly Tweets start in the S4ME discussion for anyone whose not been following: https://www.s4me.info/threads/micha...ohnthejack-on-twitter.3464/page-45#post-80392

    I just wish Chalder was on Twitter!

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  6. Forbin

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    Personally, I can't imagine anyone being so crass as to hijack the Knight-errant's ocean-liner metaphor simply for the purpose of comparing the fateful story of the S.S. Titanic with the increasingly desperate attempts to save PACE.

  7. Alvin

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    Not a chance. Reality denial demands that you deny the reality that you don't want to know at absolutely any cost. When the consequences come to bear they blame scapegoats. He cannot admit the truth for multiple reasons from ego to reputation, legacy, criminal or legal sanction, loss of his medical license, self worth, and his need to harm patients by imposing his will upon them.
    He believes himself to be benevolent and right, its us thats wrong and he is trying to save us for our own good with his bravery. If he is doing the right thing why would he admit fault because he is not wrong.
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  8. Barry

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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  9. Sean

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    Not to mention a well above average income stream.
  10. dave30th

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    Well I don't expect it. I guess it was meant to be aspirational... :)
  11. Alvin

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    Indeed, fraud does pay in psychology :emoji_face_palm:

    Human nature is one of my interests so of course i am very against fraudsters like the PACErs but i have tried to understand how they work which also applies to things like politics, creative destruction being fought by oil/coal against climate change mitigation, cigarette companies fighting science and so on. I think of it as developing strategy for the adversary at hand (and strong rambling at bed time while extra tired :asleep: )
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  12. Sly Saint

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    Just for reference, there is a list of SW supporters who signed a letter published in the Independent in 2012:
    "So it is with sadness that we read in The Independent on Sunday reports of false allegations made against Simon Wessely - one of the few UK clinicians with a specialist interest in treating CFS/ME and someone who has done pioneering research in the field."

    full letter
    signed by:
    Professor Peter White, Professor of Psychological Medicine, Queen Mary University of London

    Professor Michael Sharpe, Professor of Psychological Medicine, University of Oxford

    Dr Esther Crawley, Reader in Child Health, University of Bristol

    Professor Stephen Holgate CBE, MRC Clinical Professor of Immunopharmacology, University of Southampton

    Professor Rona Moss-Morris, Head of Health Psychology, King’s College London

    Dr Charlotte Feinmann, Reader , UCL

    Professor Hugo Critchley, Chair in Psychiatry, Brighton and Sussex Medical School

    Dr Brian Angus, Reader in Infectious Diseases, Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of oxford

    Dr Steven Reid, Clinical Director for Psychological Medicine, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

    Professor Patrick Doherty, Professor of Rehabilitation, York St John University

    Professor Paul Little, Professor of Primary Care Research, University of Southampton

    Dr Maurice Murphy, HIV Consultant, Barts Health NHS Trust

    Professor Tim Peto, Consultant in Infectious Diseases and General Medicine, Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford

    Professor Sir Mansel Aylward, Chair, Public Health Wales, Cardiff University

    Dr Alastair Miller, Consultant Physician, Royal Liverpool University Hospital

    Professor Diane Cox, Professor of Occupational Therapy, University of Cumbria

    Professor Jonathan Sterne, Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, University of Bristol

    Dr Margaret May, Reader in Medical Statistics, University of Bristol

    Professor George Davey-Smith, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, University of Bristol

    Dr Jade Thai, Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol

    Dr Gabrielle Murphy, Clinical Lead Physician, Fatigue Service, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

    Dr Hazel O'Dowd, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and CFS/ME Team Leader, Frenchay Hospital Bristol

    Dr Brian Marien, Director, Positive Health

    Professor Willie Hamilton, Professor of Primary Care Diagnostics, University of Exeter

    Dr Selwyn Richards, Consultant Rheumatologist, Poole Hospital NHS Trust

    Professor Alison Wearden, Professor of Health Psychology, University of Manchester

    Professor Trudie Chalder, Department of Psychological Medicine, King’s College London.

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