Curcumin attenuates collagen-induced inflammatory response through the “gut-brain axis”, 2018, Yue et al

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    Open access at

    Article based on paper from Horsetalk -
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    Circumin did absolutely nothing for me after several months.
    I have symptoms typical of rheumatoid arthritis, but the MRIs show no RA
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    @Andy . . . this is very timely. From my own experience I do think there are anti-inflammatory benefits from eating (Wildcrafted) whole root turmeric paste with black pepper.

    I've been adding one tsp of paste (uncooked) to my cooked brown rice every other day and have noticed that the upper joints on my little and ring fingers are no longer inflamed since the last few months. I'm considering buying another jar.
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    I tried curcumin at one time. One problem is that you have to eat buckets of the stuff to reach the doses that have been reported as therapeutic in the literature (1 tsp whole root turmeric paste doesn't cut it). And let's not get started about how much is actually absorbed and what form provides the best absorption.

    The main thing curcumin did for me was to give me terrible diarrhea, and it actually took a while before I connected that to the tumeric. So if you do try it, watch out for this unpleasant side effect.
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