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Could this be developed into a proposal to put to the Health and Social Care Minister ?

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS news' started by Skylark, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. Skylark

    Skylark New Member

    If there is to be a full parliamentary debate in the House of Commons in the autumn I believe we need to be in a position of not just discussing what has gone wrong for ME sufferers but also what we want to begin to put it right.

    Could a possible question and suggestion for the Health and Social Care Minister be -

    Whilst NICE review their ME guidelines and biomedical research is undertaken to find the underlying cause(s) of ME, as an interim measure couldn't ME suffers at least be provided with a basic symptom based (not PACE based) care and support service by the NHS - which could then be modified and adapted as new information becomes available ?

    And as there is a similarity of symptoms with MS couldn't this be fairly quickly set up on an NHS regional basis by adapting the following existing NHS MS Service for PWME needs ?

    Because when I change MS to ME in this description I find it would give me a lot of what I need to help me manage my illness whilst I wait for a cure.

    Is this the sort of idea that's worth exploring and discussing before the autumn ?

    Possibly with a view to using our own hard won knowledge and experience of ME to design, as a group, a workable outline proposal for a bespoke NHS ME Service.
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