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Conference: Waking to a New Dawn: The Emergence of 21st Century Acquired Immune Deficiencies

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS news' started by Andy, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Andy

    Andy Committee Member

    Hampshire, UK
    The Academy of Nutritional Medicine's annual conference is titled "Waking to a New Dawn: The Emergence of 21st Century Acquired Immune Deficiencies & Innovative Solutions"


    All the chronic neuroimmune diseases emerging over the last four decades can be seen as acquired immune deficiencies. A paradigm shift in understanding is underway: specialists around the world have understood the mechanisms driving these diseases, and are now pooling their efforts to develop effective solutions

    This conference is a unique gathering of outstanding scientists and physicians in this field, where they will present groundbreaking information on how to overcome the chronic immune-related pathologies that are the plague of our times.

    Chaired by Dr. Judy Mikovits with International Speakers


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  2. Jonathan Edwards

    Jonathan Edwards Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    London, UK
    This looks like a heartsink list of speakers. I am slightly surprised to see Dr Hooper involved but maybe I did not understand his angle before.
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