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Cimetidine: An immune modulator that actually seems to be working for me

Discussion in 'Other: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; GcMAF' started by Woolie, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. S-VV

    S-VV Established Member

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  2. Woolie

    Woolie Committee member

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    Thank you, @S-VV, that's of great interest to me.

    Welcome to the forum!

    Actually, this makes a whole lot more sense than the neutrophil stuff. It seems to be acting on the really big players in our disease(s).
  3. Daisybell

    Daisybell Moderator Staff Member

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    New Zealand
    So pleased for you @Woolie :) - long may it continue!
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  4. Londinium

    Londinium Senior Member (Voting Rights)

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    Thanks @Woolie, this is fascinating. Long may it continue. I'd also be interested in anybody else's experiences with Cimetidine or Ranitidine over the long-term as one of my half-siblings had a strange illness that seemed to make him immediately allergic to everything, that was resolved (after three years and a lot of diagnostic work) by the latter. Plus when my symptoms first came along the doctor thought they resembled some kind of allergic reaction. Hence, as I already take a PPI, I have considered temporarily switching it for Ranitidine to see if it has any impact whatsoever.

    (I should stress I'm generally very wary of doing something like this - but am working on the basis that it's an OTC medicine that is likely not to have serious side effects)
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  5. Inara

    Inara Senior Member (Voting Rights)

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    I take Ranitidine for MCAS. Although it helps with the symptoms related to this, I don't feel it helps with ME symptoms. But still, that it helps somehow is great for me.
  6. Exhortae

    Exhortae New Member

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    After a course of ranitidine i developped microscopic colitis.

    It is a well known trigger for it.

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