Association of small fiber neuropathy and post treatment Lyme disease syndrome, 2019, Novack et al

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    I had a younger brother who died from a nasty form of cancer. He tried all the standard treatments for the cancer, but he died from a combination of the cancer and treatments, regardless.

    After he had undergone chemo and radiation therapy, and before they could test him to see if the cancer had been eradicated and/or returned, he continued to suffer. His symptoms were not labeled post-treatment Cancer syndrome. They were considered part of his cancer sequela.

    Lyme disease testing is not as unambiguous as some Cancer tests. So no one can tell with certainty that a patient diagnosed with Lyme, and treated for Lyme, is free of Lyme. That is a fact.

    So why would anyone presume to suggest that Lyme is not what is continuing to generate the same symptoms, more or less, as when the patient had been diagnosed with Lyme?

    Many believe PTLDS is a political label, and has no place in either clinical or research settings, since it pretty much presumes conventional abx protocols will unfailingly cure the Lyme patient.

    Accordingly, this paper seems to supply evidence that Lyme can cause SFN and OI despite administering a course of antibiotics.
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    This study, (among others I would assume) indicates physical debilitation continues after antibiotics for Lyme disease. Let's get on with believing pwLD, and find better treatments!
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