Assessment of Emergency Department and Inpatient Use and Costs in Adult and Pediatric Functional Neurological Disorders, 2020, Lungu et al

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    This is a baseless opinion. How does that even pass peer review? Does anyone actually DO peer review when it comes to discriminated patient populations? Anything goes? I wonder how far that can be pushed until someone would say that's a bit too much.

    Ignoring problems is expensive. Advising to continue ignoring expensive problems is even more expensive. Hence:
    Yes, doing either nothing or complete BS instead of solving a problem usually makes the problem grow. Those "other neurological disorders" operate completely differently in that they are not dismissed, hence less expensive. What a twist!
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    cost of fnd diagnoses continues to grow could that be because of the artful dissemination that such illnesses exist .leaking from the rats that work to deny illness for financial reasons so that insurance companies and sociopaths in government can refuse help or negate their responsibilities to whole swathes of patients .
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    It could easily be that if the only treatment is CBT the patient's disease worsens. If you consider asthma being reclassified as behavioural - as it has been at times - only treating it with CBT would lead to patients having more hospital admissions for chest infections.

    When someone is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes before they go into ketosis it is much less expensive to treat. yearly foot checks are a cheap option compared to the costs of medical and social care of someone whose legs have been amputated.

    Using the proper treatments which lessen ill health is always the cheapest option and we know that CBT only helps a few people even by their own research.

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