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Article: Retirement with a twist for extolled Professor - Emeritus Professor Warren Tate

Discussion in 'Health News and Research unrelated to ME/CFS' started by Sly Saint, Jul 31, 2020 at 11:43 AM.

  1. Sly Saint

    Sly Saint Senior Member (Voting Rights)

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  2. Ravn

    Ravn Senior Member (Voting Rights)

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    The local paper has picked up on it, a rare occurrence as they usually ignore ME but with an added Covid19 twist it seems ME is interesting after all.

    Otago Daily Times, 3 August 2020
    More at link: https://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/...vid-19-could-lead-explosion-tapanui-flu-cases

    For some reason the headline in the printed edition is 'Fears after survivors affected by ME/CFS'. Maybe someone pointed out that things aren't as certain as all that and they changed it online but it was too late for the print edition?
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