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Privacy Settings

With the introduction of GDPR the default settings opt new members out of receiving emails or sharing information. You can opt in during registration or change settings afterwards. This help page is intended to help members change settings related to privacy.

The privacy settings can be done in various places here we list the things being controlled and refer to figures showing where the options are to be selected. After selecting an option, you need to press the save button.

The setting numbers below refer to labelled red ringed settings in the figures below

Controlling emails:

  • Occasionally S4ME may send emails either individually or as a group. You can opt out of this. (See Setting 1 on privacy settings or contact details)
  • Emails can be generated when a new post is added to a watched thread (See Setting 2 in preferences)
  • Emails can be generated when a new conversation item is received (See setting 3 privacy)

On-line activity

There are settings that allow other users to see if you are logged on and what you are currently doing. These are accessed via setting 4 in Privacy or Preferences.

Date of birth

You can control whether to display your year of birth or the day and month of birth. If you share the day and month of birth this is used to post a happy birthday message in the birthday subforum so members can wish you a happy birthday. This only happens after members have posted a certain number of messages and are recent users of the forum. These settings can be changed on the settings 5 on the privacy page.


Preferences Image

Privacy Settings

Privacy Image

Contact Details

 Contact Image