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ME, Thyroid, Hormones, Migraines - connection?

Discussion in 'Endocrine: Thyroid, Adrenal, Diabetes' started by Squeezy, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. Squeezy

    Squeezy Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    The couch
    @Bill Ahhh, Someone important said, Good sleep is the foundation of good health. And how marvellous you're feeling the benefits!

    Definitely fair game to comment on something I've put out there - and I really appreciate your input. I have my husband's sleep study, and he somehow slept for 6 hours, getting full sleep cycles!

    I don't know how he did it. I only got an hour and a half, and they pronounced me fine on that basis! Well, I'm not bloody fine now.

    You've prompted me to discuss the machine again with him, so thank you. He doesn't think it's an issue because HE'S sleeping just fine with an antidepressant called mirtazapine that knocks him out cold.

    I don't know how likely it is that I have apnea - I sleep so quietly that when I'm napping in the day, he checks my pulse!

    I'm going to push hard to see a sleep doctor myself - I think I have Alpha Wave Intrusions waking me up. I should be in Delta Wave sleep, but BAM! woken up by sudden Alpha waves.

    Determined to join you in the Good Sleep Club!
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  2. Squeezy

    Squeezy Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    The couch
    @Jonathan Edwards Thank you for commenting.

    Oh dear, misinformation and confusion. Will need a pot of tea, a nap and to reread 10 times. :ill:
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  3. Amw66

    Amw66 Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    I'm looking at this from a slightly different angle as I've gone backwards to look at wider picture and not just post glandular fever onset. My daughter started to noticeably have allergic reactions after chickenpox ( pre school), shingles ( pre age 10) and glandular fever( age 14) specifically to things that were bleached ( benzoates) and then for specific food colourants (salicylates) - also synthetic vit E ( think this is similar chemical structure) She has symptoms of hypothyroid but results within normal ranges.
    I'm looking at liver function as being the common denominator-herpes viruses can impact liver function , and liver is involved in sulfation and hormone synthesis; if SULT genes have been epigenetically tweaked/ or are duff anyway might this impact into methylation, PAPS functionality ?... recent diagnosis of H Pylori can also be linked to compromised liver function. Liver seems also affected with stress ( - we had bullying episodes at both primary and secondary - the psychological type that girls excell at)....
    I await GP returning from holiday to try and present this and try and get further.
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  4. Bill

    Bill Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Los Angeles
    Check his AHI index. Most people who snore like this--in my experience--are going to have many apneas. So I'm feeling skeptical that the doctor gave good advice here (pending evidence to the contrary).

    Sleeping with a mask on is something that takes an adjustment; however, the benefits of good sleep are positively motivating. I now look forward to it. And I was mortified at the thought originally.

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  5. Agapanthus

    Agapanthus Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Hello @Squeezy
    I'm another one with the co-existence of autoimmune hypothyroidism plus migraines. I was diagnosed with the former many years before the ME diagnosis, and although I did have migraine occasionally before either of those diagnoses, they were few and far between. In fact I have only ever had migraine aura, which does impact on me with fatigue, and weakness for maybe 24 hours afterwards, but not usually the headache or nausea.

    Many women seem to have migraine associated with hormonal changes in their menstrual cycle, but mine got much worse after the menopause, and despite trying all the possible routes to improve them nothing seemed to work, until earlier this year.... I was by then 15 years post menopause, and having the migraine aura sometimes fortnightly, sometimes more.

    It was suggested to me that I should try natural progesterone for my chronically low cortisol - DHEA was normal but the 3 salivary cortisol tests showed low despite trying over 4 years to improve the scores. As a result my migraines improved unexpectedly! The incidence was down to about monthly, sometimes fewer than that, usually associated with my chronic stomach pain flaring, (vagus nerve?) or with my chronic dysfunctional immune system (low IgA and low IgG) flaring.

    Unfortunately though this has all gone haywire again as my Endocrinologist is insisting that I should reduce my T3 usage (was T3 only for 5 years) since my osteoporosis diagnosis as she is convinced it's partly due to my suppressed TSH. I was slowly moved from 55mcg T3 to a mix of T4 and T3, and this month got to 75 T4 and 20 T3. With that my migraines began again in earnest - 4 in a week and 6 in 3 weeks since I began the new regime. Seems likely to me to show a link between the 2 actions, so for now I have moved back to 50 T4 and 25 T3 but the constant fight against fresh colds is flooring me - they too have increased since the reduction of T4, but no one in the Endo dept (I see a thyroid nurse) seems to see any connections - just me!
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