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ME Association: What's on the BBC tomorrow (Tuesday) for ME Awareness Week?

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS news' started by Andy, May 7, 2018.

  1. Andy

    Andy Committee Member

    Hampshire, UK
    "Your schedule for another packed day of ME Awareness

    The main event:
    7.00am Newsbeat Documentary 'M.E. and me' on BBC iPlayer (and hopefully YouTube) presented by Emma Donohoe.

    8.10am BBC1 Breakfast Show Dr Eliana Lacerda a researcher from the M.E. Biobank and Emma Donohoe on the 'red sofa'.

    12.25pm BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat will include an interview with Dr Charles Shepherd.

    16.35pm BBC Radio 5 Live Dr Luis Nacal head of the M.E. Biobank will be interviewed

    17.45pm BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat repeat of interview with Dr Charles Shepherd.

    18.30pm BBC Radio 5 Drive Emma Donohoe and Jennifer Brea talking to other people with M.E. - those who responded to the recent ME Association appeal.

    18.45pm BBC North West Tonight Merryn Crofts' Mum and Sister will be in the studio talking about Merryn's tragic story.

    BBC Radio 5 Up All Night (from 3.00am) will run a feature M.E. and include an interview with Dr Charles Shepherd.

    We'll keep you informed and post all the relevant links to recordings when we learn of them.

    We'll also post the Newsbeat documentary 'M.E. and me' first thing tomorrow.

    Also, stay tuned for a full day of newspaper stories - national and local...

    Today was a bank holiday for some. Tomorrow the UK wakes up to M.E.!"


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