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Edinburgh News: Edinburgh SNP councillor Ian Campbell stands down for health reasons

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by Eagles, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Eagles

    Eagles Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    Edinburgh News: Edinburgh SNP councillor Ian Campbell stands down for health reasons


    Edinburgh SNP councillor Ian Campbell has announced he is resigning for health reasons.

    Elected to represent Craigmillar/Duddingston at the last council elections in May 2017, he served as vice-convener of culture and on the health board.

    His resignation will mean a byelection in the ward, with the SNP tipped as favourites to retain the sea.

    Cllr Campbell told yesterday’s full council meeting he had been dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as ME. He said: “It has become increasingly difficult for me to manage my symptoms while trying to fulfil my role as councillor. “This illness has left me with continual bouts of physical and mental exhaustion and I feel the only way to improve my health is to step down and to concentrate on my own health.”…
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  2. alktipping

    alktipping Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    he has my sympathy dealing with any kind of high stress job with even a mild version of this disease would rapidly lead to a considerable worsening to a whole new level of suffering . I just thought what is happening that I can actually sympathise with a politician . damn this disease .
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