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Continuous pain report demonstrates time delay of pain ratings in Fibromyalgia, Kharko et al, 2021

Discussion in ''Conditions related to ME/CFS' news and research' started by Sly Saint, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. Sly Saint

    Sly Saint Senior Member (Voting Rights)

  2. rvallee

    rvallee Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    The idea behind CSS is so weird. People experiencing migraines, a bout of the flu and many other types of illness have increased pain sensitivity. This doesn't tell us anything about anything, it's just describing the outcome instead of trying to understand the process. Lazy.
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  3. Arnie Pye

    Arnie Pye Senior Member (Voting Rights)

    I just read the first paragraph in the wiki article on "Sensitization".


    The first thing that came into my mind after reading this is that torture often involves repeated administration of a painful stimulus e.g. whipping someone on the back. I just wondered how the authors of this kind of article [in post #1] would fit torture into their theories.

    For example, if I was a sadist who had just whipped someone on the back, and then 15 minutes later I came and stroked their back in the same place as the whipping had been they would feel it much more than would be the case if the back of a matched un-whipped control had been stroked. The person who hadn't been tortured might even like it, you never know.

    I've come up with this extreme example to point out the stupidity of the paper in post #1. Just because people who are already in pain react more quickly and with more pain to another stimulus teaches people absolutely nothing.

    I know that BPS dogma includes fibromyalgia in amongst the MUS group of sick people. Suffering from an MUS is considered to be a mental illness thanks to BPS. In my opinion it is the BPSers who are mentally ill sadists.

    I have never been diagnosed with fibromyalgia nor do I think I have it. But I am very, very suspicious of the motives of anyone who would write a paper like the one in post #1 about people with MUS of any kind.
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