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Center for Scientific Review Special Emphasis Panel; M.E./CFS Closed Meeting

Discussion in 'General ME/CFS News' started by MeSci, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. MeSci

    MeSci Senior Member (Voting Rights)

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    Cornwall, UK
    Don't ask me anything about this - am just forwarding, and don't know any more!

    Source: U.S. Federal Register

    Vol. 83, #199, p 51964-51965

    Date: October 15, 2018



    [A Notice by the National Institutes of Health]

    Center for Scientific Review; Notice of Closed Meetings

    Name of Committee: Center for Scientific Review Special Emphasis Panel; Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    Date: November 8, 2018.

    Time: 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

    Agenda: To review and evaluate grant applications.

    Place: National Institutes of Health, 6701 Rockledge Drive, Bethesda, MD 20892 (Telephone Conference Call).

    Contact Person: Jana Drgonova, Ph.D., Scientific Review Officer, Center for Scientific Review, National Institutes of Health, 6701 Rockledge Drive, Room 5213, Bethesda, MD 20892, 301-827-2549, jdrgonova@mail.nih.gov.

    Dated: October 9, 2018.

    Sylvia L. Neal, Program Analyst, Office of Federal Advisory Committee Policy.

    [FR Doc. 2018-22318 Filed 10-12-18; 8:45 am]

    BILLING CODE 4140-01-P
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  2. Milo

    Milo Senior Member (Voting Rights)

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    Ah, they are likely to review grants and we should hear from their decisions shortly after that.
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